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The officers work with Alberta's municipalities, Métis settlements, and First Nation communities towards having effective and well-managed safety and fire-protection systems in place. The officers work from regional offices in urban centres and co-operate with search and rescue organizations, police, fire and emergency medical services, and various governmental, non-governmental, and industrial partners. An officer is available no matter what the time is.

The officers' activities include the following:

  • Providing investigation and fire inspection services in parts of Alberta not accredited under the Safety Codes Act
  • Advising on the interpretation of the Alberta Safety Codes Act and the Alberta Fire Code
  • Mentoring and assisting communities and their safety codes officers 
  • Liaising with partner agencies outside and within government
  • Assisting with training-grant applications for search and rescue and fire services
  • Assisting Alberta's fire rescue and search and rescue with delivery of public education programs and events
  • Advising on grant applications
  • Date modified: 2016-04-07