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Fire Rescue Resources

Dress and Deportment Protocols

Wondering what to wear at a formal event? How and when to salute? Where to place your medals? The Alberta Awards and Honors Committee with the assistance of OFC staff has developed Ceremonies, Dress and Deportment Protocol Recommendations, as well as a Word Document Copy to provide guidance on these questions and more.

Structure Protection (Sprinkler) Program - Wildland Urban Interface

In the recent past Wildland Urban Interface fires have severely impacted several Alberta communities.

The mitigation and suppression of these fires has necessitated the deployment of a wide range of firefighting resources from both the public and private sectors. The Office of the Fire Commissioner has developed the Alberta Structural Protection Program Operational Guidelines. The goal of the program is to strengthen the capacity for exterior structural protection by providing the flexibility to deploy trained and capable resources with clear rules of engagement, operating procedures, and reimbursement requirements.

The Office of the Fire Commissioner is responsible for coordinating the Government of Alberta structural protection response to large-scale fire events in the Wildland Urban Interface. In order to quickly and effectively identify the structure protection resources available to respond, a centralized database is being compiled.

This database will be utilized by the Office of the Fire Commissioner when municipalities, industry or the Government of Alberta are in need of exterior structural protection resources. This information will allow the Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Provincial Operations Center to identify municipalities and contractors capable of providing and deploying structural protection apparatus, equipment and qualified personnel to wildland urban interface incidents.

Please use the spreadsheet to record the apparatus, structural protection units, personnel, and equipment/consumables that your company, agency or municipality has available for deployment to provide structural protection at wildland urban interface fires. The first tab of the spreadsheet contains detailed instructions for completing the various sections (Apparatus, Structure Protection Units, Personnel, Equipment, and Consumables). Once complete, please save the file and forward a copy to

Completion of the database is not a commitment by your company, agency or municipality nor is it a commitment by the Office of the Fire Commissioner to utilize any party’s resources. The database is only an inventory of potentially available resources. Further details on deployment will be forthcoming with the release of the Alberta Structure Protection Program Operational Guidelines.

Thank you for your participation in this important provincial initiative. If you have any questions or require assistance with completing the spreadsheet, please contact at 1-866-421-6929 or email .

  • Date modified: 2018-07-19