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Inspection and Investigation Services

The Fire Commissioner is responsible for determining the information required during fire investigations in Alberta and how that information is reported. See the Safety Codes Act: Administrative Items Regulation for details.

The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) is responsible for fire-related investigations and inspection services in areas of the province not accredited under the Safety Codes Act. Accredited municipalities and corporations are responsible in their respective jurisdictions.

The OFC staff, trained to the National Fire Protection Association's and the International Association of Arson Investigators' standards, also assists accredited municipalities and corporations on an as-needed basis and works with police and fire agencies throughout the province on arson, fatality and injury fires.

The OFC may monitor investigation and inspection services in accredited municipalities on the province's behalf to ensure all Albertans benefit from any lessons learned during emergency events.

  • Date modified: 2015-05-27